Top 5 Best Drift Cars In CarX Drift Racing 2

Top 5 Best Drift Cars In CarX Drift Racing 2

Playing CarX Drift Racing 2 isn’t about selecting the best car and proving your mettle.

Drift Cars, designed specially to drift possess certain features that separate them from other racing cars. These special cars perform at the center stage executing and participating in exciting drifting challenges.

So what makes a drift car so special? The combination of features including lightweight construction, powerful engines, precise weight distribution, wide stance with exceptional handling capabilities, etc. contributes to letting vehicles drift easily and smoothly.

In CarX Drift Racing 2, the wide variety of cars available can be overwhelming for players and choosing the best drift car is a challenge.

If you’re striving to know about the Top 5 Best Drift Cars In CarX Drift Racing 2 to fulfill your drifting adventures, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best drift cars to help you navigate the world of CarX Drift Racing 2 with style.

Car Tiers in CarX Drift Racing 2

CarX Drift Racing 2 classifies the cars into five different tiers, namely: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 & Tier 5.

Based on their unique qualities and distinct attributes (such as rating, drive type, power, speed, acceleration, weight, etc.) the cars are included in each tier.

Tuning Your Ride

Gameplay in CarX Drift Racing 2 is not simply dependent on selecting the best drift car and showing your drifting moves.

No car comes perfectly tuned for drifting in the game. Players have to tune them to their liking and perfection.

The choice of tuning plays a crucial role and can significantly impact your drift style and success,

Individual Tuning Style and Preferences

Every individual has his/her unique and different style and technique.

Some drifters prefer AWD cars while others favor RWD vehicles.

The ultimate choice depends on the personal comfort levels and preferences of a particular vehicle.

The key is to experiment and tune various cars. Apply your tuning expertise smartly (learn from our tips & tricks), and target the maximum control and uniformity of handling so that every drift feels comfortable.

Discover which one suits your style best.

Top 5 Best Drift Cars

To assist you in your selection, let’s take a closer look to identify the Top 5 Best Drift Cars In CarX Drift Racing 2:

1)   Hachi Roku (Tier 1)

Hachi-Roku is one of the 3 free tier 1 cars players get.

Real NameToyota Sprinter Trueno
Power297 HP
Torque326 N-m
Speed (0-100) km/hr4.8 sec
Mass 1000 Kg
TuningDrift II
Hachi-Roku Basic Car Stats

Oftentimes, the starter car in any game is the one that isn’t the best. Rather, it is the simplest one, that is easy to handle and has low power so that players can learn the controls.

However, Hachi Roku defies these expectations as it is the easiest to tune for performing stable and precise drifting making it an excellent choice for those new to the game and learning to drive manual gear with more drift control.

2)   VZ 210 (Tier 1)

The VZ 210 is a powerful starting vehicle with a nice stock setup.

Real Name1997 VAZ 2107 Zhiguli
Power100 HP
Torque160 N-m
Speed (0-100) km/hr10.3 sec
Mass 1050 Kg
VZ210 Basic Car Stats

Short gearing allows for quick power delivery and adding a turbo enhances its performance by drifting in higher gears. It’s a marvelous choice for beginners who want to slide sideways.

3) Horizon GT4 (Tier 3)

While not a standard beginner’s car, this Nissan Skyline R34 offers a smooth drifting experience around the corners.

Real Name1999 Nissan Skyline
Power289 HP
Torque362 N-m
Speed (0-100) km/hr6.0 sec
Mass 1500 Kg
Horizon GT4 Basic Car Stats

With the right tuning and upgrade this Japanese brand becomes an ultimate drift powerhouse making drifts while others falter.

It’s an experience-rewarding car.

4) Solar (Tier 3)

Solar, an RWD vehicle boasts lower power and high grip.

Real Name1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse
Power300 HP
Torque349 N-m
Speed (0-100) km/hr5.5 sec
Mass 1350 Kg
Solar Basic Car Stats

An ideal car for doing 360 spins on tracks is Solar as it offers excellent control for consistent drifts.

The customization ease it offers makes it a great choice for your skill appreciation.

Apart from the technical aspects, the car gained popularity due to Fast 7 Furious vibes.

5) Corona (Tier 2)

Corona, a Tier 2 car may have a retro vibe of Burner JDM, but its mechanical capabilities are cutting edge.

Real Name1989 Toyota Mark II
Power250 HP
Torque350 N-m
Speed (0-100) km/hr5.9 sec
Mass 1350 Kg
Corona Basic Car Stats

With unrivaled handling, massive power, and stylish appearance make it a top choice.

Its ability to turn around on a sixpence makes it easier to get multipliers to chain.


The pursuit of the perfect drift car is a matter of personal preference and tuning mastery.

Each car offers a unique blend of aesthetic, performance, and drift capabilities.

You may be a beginner or a seasoned drifter, the rule is same for all.

Experimentation and customization are your keys to success in getting the Best Drift Car In CarX Drift Racing 2.

Tune your cars to match your style as CarX Drift Racing 2 is a canvas for showcasing your individuality and it rewards those who dare to be different.

So, start your engines get ready to drift, and let your unique style shine with these Top 5 Best Drift Cars In CarX Drift Racing 2!


It depends on your personal style and tuning preference as no car comes 100% drift-ready. Therefore, experiment with different cars, and different tuning settings and discover the one that rides best for you.

There is no such secret recipe for successful drifting. Drifting is a blend of car, tuning, and personal technique. You have to practice, experiment, and adjust until you find the best combination.

For more exciting and informative comparisons, read CarX Drift Racing 2 vs. Torque Drift.

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