CarX Drift Racing 2 vs. Torque Drift: Who Reigns Supreme

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When I came across the active online community of gamers highly praising the breathtaking graphics, stunning features, and drifting mechanics of two drift racing simulators, namely: CarX Drift Racing 2 and Torque Drift, I decided to explore the gameplay mechanics of both these games by myself and make a comparison so that other enthusiastic gamers like me can benefit.

CarX Drift Racing 2 vs. Torque Drift – the next-level premier mobile racing games competing with each other fiercely to take the top spot. So Who Reigns Supreme?


Recently, we have seen a rise in competition among different racing game developers for introducing top-notch car drifting games. Among all, CarX Technologies, LLC and Grease Monkey Games Pty Ltd are the most prominent developers introducing several racing genre games for Android.

The former decorated our mobile devices with CarX Drift Racing 2 and the latter with Torque Drift. Both games grabbed a huge fan following due to their phenomenal features.


In this article, I am going to give you a detailed overview of both these car drift racing android games and I am sure that you will have a clearer understanding of what each game brings to the table by the end of the article.

So let’s have a look.

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Features That Seeks The Attention Of Players

To meet the expectations of their fanbase, many outstanding features have been incorporated in both CarX Drift Racing 2 and Torque Drift.

The core focus of both the games is the art of drifting and the developers of both games have strived hard to deliver authentic drifting experiences by simulating the challenges of drifting.

The distinguishing features aiming at making these game quite challenging yet accessible include:

  • Controls
  • Graphics & Sound
  • User Experience
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Variety of Cars
  • Car Customization
  • Variety of Tracks
  • Drift Techniques

Below is a detailed analysis of these features that will help you to distinguish the best game.

So, fasten your seatbelts, because we are about to start the interesting part.


While comparing CarX Drift Racing 2 vs. Torque Drift gameplay, it is not an easy choice to select a clear champion. I have played many drifting games, but the overall gaming experience of both these games is different.

Everything feels real – be it cars, tracks, tuning, upgrades, customization, or the overall mechanics – All these make you feel like you are driving a real car on some Formula Drift racing track!

Tandem drifting, online championships, various playing levels (from practice to advanced difficulty levels), track variety, different road conditions, different challenges, weather conditions, possible car performance upgrades, car exterior customization, etc., all these fascinating factors are beautifully coupled together making the gaming experience of both the games captivating, realistic, exciting and thrilling.

Torque Drift Gameplay


Controls in both CarX Drift Racing 2 and Torque Drift are intuitive and responsive, offering selection between button or tilt steering preferences to gamers.

The sensitivity of the controls and location of the buttons (side or bottom of the screen) are also customizable along with sound and vibration on/off possibility.

When it comes to the control and handling of the cars for drifting purposes, CarX Drift Racing 2 takes the lead due to its simpler and smoother controls allowing players to drift their cars easily. The controls are designed to let players make difficult drifting maneuvers very comfortably.


Whereas in Torque Drift it is a bit hard to control cars while drifting around the corners (where you need to decelerate to make a turn) due to missing preciseness and simplicity in controls.

Graphics & Sounds

Apart from the gaming content, Graphics and Sounds are the foremost important factors that affect the overall impression of a game. A good game with poor visuals or sound effects is bound to fail.

Attention to overall details, vivid visuals, and realistic sound effects are the key elements of both these games.

Utilizing the cutting-edge latest technology, CarX Drift Racing 2 created an overall life-like graphical atmosphere where gamers feel like becoming a part of the real racing circuit.


Be it the car smoke coming out or showing the various road conditions or the realistic visualization of cars, the lighting effects offered by the CarX Drift Racing 2 add extra layers of achievement over the Torque Drift.

Torque Drift also provides an extraordinary visual experience to its audience. The vivid scenery, the real-life locations, the tire marks on the asphalt road and, top of all the car damage effects provide a natural and impressive authentic feel.

Having said that, when comparing the overall graphical presentation between CarX Drift Racing 2 vs. Torque Drift, one can easily notice that the overall graphics in Torque Drift are not too high-end and thus less impressive even at the highest possible settings.


The same phenomenon holds for the sound effects in both games.

CarX Drift Racing 2 has sound effects for every minor thing out there, like tires screeching, engine sounds, crashes, etc., adding depth and making the overall experience very close to real life.

The sounds in Torque Drift are also pretty decent covering the true high sound pressure levels of the drifting cars, car impact sounds, engine idling, etc. Unfortunately, there seems to be a slight disconnect between the various car models and their sounds and also the drifting car visuals. Also while using the manual gear even going full throttle, the engine sounds quite the opposite of how it should sound (it sounds like revving down instead of revving up).

User Experience

User Experience and Interface hold crucial importance in the overall take of a game.

Easy navigation through the game’s interface and a seamless dive into the action is what most players love the most.

CarX Drift Racing 2 excels once again in this with its beautiful and clean AI and leaves Torque drift in dust due to the somewhat rusty interface and bugs.

For example: After hitting a wall, quick turn around to finish the run is not possible! Sometimes login fails and game didn’t start. The parts after purchase create issues while installation or tuning as they don’t get saved. Frequent game crashes. During drifting, sometimes the functioning of the accelerator is lost, etc.

Multiplayer Mode

Games that offer multiplayer mode are the new trend in smartphone and console gaming.

CarX Drift Racing 2 takes Torque Drift head-on as both games offer online multiplayer modes including multiplayer tandem battles to let players drift with each other online.


Both games have a very mature multiplayer mode though you can’t do much on Torque Drift multiplayer besides disturbing others while drifting.

Variety Of Cars

The only thing that car enthusiasts want in the car simulation games is to try new and cutting-edge cars.


Torque Drift takes the lead in this area by offering some 100+ car models. The list comprises high-end branded famous elite supercars with unique performances and drift capabilities.

CarX Drift Racing 2 is also not far off and has worked a lot in this department to boast an impressive battery of some 96 fantastic drift-capable cars including BMWs, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan, etc.

Car Customization

Customization is as important for racing gamers as the number of cars because it not only lets them the liberty to boost their car performance and functioning but also provides a way to show off their personality and individual styles by applying different decals, paints, and stickers.

CarX Drift Racing 2 took care of this department very professionally and offered a lot of variety in car performance enhancement parts as well the exterior customization.

Torque Drift on the other hand also offers eye-catching designs for gamers to make their cars more lively and awesome. It also offers the option of car parts upgrade and replacement. However, the breadth of available customization options is not as much as available in CarX Drift Racing 2.


Variety Of Tracks

When you need to drift your cars besides having a good car with gripping tires you also need tracks.

CarX Drift Racing 2 provide players with a wide variety of tracks each with different difficulty level and challenges thus letting players test their drifting skills.


Tracks provided in Torque Drift are comparatively limited and less varied.

Drift Techniques

What would you want to do in a drifting game? Obviously, drift.

CarX Drift Racing 2 and Torque Drift both have different approaches in terms of the drift techniques offered.


CarX Drift Racing has multiple drift techniques like feint, handbrake, and clutch-kick drifting while Torque Drift offers drifting techniques in an arcade-like fashion only.

Choosing Between CarX Drift Racing 2 vs. Torque Drift

As we have completed our brief review of CarX Drift Racing 2 vs. Torque Drift by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each one of them, we now have to decide which one of them Reigns Supreme.

Playing both games has its perks and everyone has their liking and dislikes. However, based on the above comparison it is quite evident that CarX Drift Racing 2 overall has more prominent and distinct features that outrank Torque Drift.


Just remember that the best choice for you may not be the same as someone else. So the right approach will be to try both games and see for yourself Who Reigns Supreme.

Nonetheless, here’s my suggestion: Start by Downloading CarX Drift Racing 2 as your top pick. Also, download Beginner Mistakes in CarX Drift Racing 2 to learn how to become a drift legend!

It is guaranteed to bring you tons of fun and excitement.

Yes, you can use a controller to play CarX Drift Racing 2 on both iOS and Android devices.

The current latest version of Torque Drift is 2.27.5. This version was released on 27 August, 2023.

Yes, CarX Drift Racing 2 and Torque Drift both are free games to play on Android however they offer in-app purchases.

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