Best Tier 1 Cars in CarX Drift Racing 2

best tier 1 cars in carx drift racing  2

As you embark on your thrilling drifting adventure, we will assist you with insights to help you make informed decision about the Best Tier 1 Cars in CarX Drift Racing 2.

Every racer understands the significance of a good start in the race and one of the choices that both new and experienced players have to make is selecting a Tier 1 car.

With such wide variety of cars available in CarX Drift Racing 2, it may seem overwhelming to make the decision.

However, fret not! In this article, we will delve into tier 1 cars based on experience, reviews, and statistics to explore the Best Tier 1 Cars in CarX Drift Racing 2.

Key Takeaways

Before diving into the world of CarX Drift Racing 2 to select the Best Tier 1 Cars, here are some key takeaways:

  • Importance Of Tier 1 Cars In Gameplay Progression.
  • Selecting The Right Car.
  • Tuning Matters.
  • Practice makes perfect.

Let’s take a closer look on each of the above in detail:

Importance Of Tier 1 Cars In Gameplay Progression

Introduction to Tier 1: In the vast world of CarX Drift Racing 2, tier 1 cars are the stepping stones of your racing journey. 

These cars provide the balance of performance (not focusing just on the speed) by letting players learn and master the controls, understand the dynamics of drifting, and get a feel of the tracks.

Affordability And Upgrade Potential: Being in the first tier, the cost of these cars is relatively affordable. This means players can invest in upgrades early on.

They offer great value for money (free Unlock All Cars), making them competitive even against higher-tier vehicles in some races especially when players focus on upgrades.

Selecting The Right Car

Your initial car’s performance directly impacts your drifting abilities. Each Tier 1 car has its strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely.

Go through the basic stats of each car to have an idea of their unique attributes and perceived performance and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Tuning Matters

Regardless of the tier, tuning plays a significant role in performance. Remember, the base car is just the beginning.

Investing in timely upgrades can give you an edge over your competitors. Experiment with tuning settings to maximize your Tier 1 car’s potential.

Practice Makes Perfect

Tier 1 cars are ideal for beginners to learn the basics of drifting. Spend time honing your skills before advancing to higher tiers.

Best Tier 1 Cars – A Deep Dive

Now, let’s take a closer look to explore the Best Tier 1 Cars in CarX Drift Racing 2.

Panther M5:

Basic Stats: Engine: 159 HP, Torque: 204 N-m, 0-100 Km: 7.8 sec, Mass: 1020 kg

The first one on our list is this Panther M5. It is one of the most powerful car in tier 1. Its sleek design combined with easy maneuverability makes it a popular choice.

Best Tier 1 Cars in CarX Drift Racing 2

Unfortunately, this car is understeering by default but once you get rid of that understeer it’s a nice, smooth, and powerful drive.

Caution: This car is not ideal for beginners since it is not easy to tune and tap the peak power output of this car. It has big power output but the gearbox is not supportive. You have to use the sequential transmission to utilize the full potential of this car.

Bimi P30:

Basic Stats: Engine: 170 HP, Torque: 228 N-m, 0-100 Km: 7.1 sec, Mass: 1196 kg

The second one on our list is Bimi P30. This car is everybody’s favorite tier 1 car. It has a lower peak power output but due to the better-matched/synced gearbox the power feels a lot nicer and it is much easier to control.

Best tier 1 cars in CarX Drift Racing 2

It is a balanced performance car offering a middle-ground between power and control, making it suitable for learners.

Caution: Like other Tier 1 cars, the Bimi P30 lacks the raw power needed for advanced drifting.


Basic Stats: Engine: 160 HP, Torque: 210 N-m, 0-100 Km: 6.9 sec, Mass: 1100 kg

The next one is Sally. It is a top notch-smooth tier-1 car. Apart from power, the main characteristic of this car is its outstanding road grip making it smooth and easy to make wide drifts.

Best tier 1 cars in CarX Drift Racing 2 APK

Sally provides a balanced performance for budding drifters. It’s an ideal car to practice and refine your drifting techniques.

Caution: While great for training, it may struggle in competitive races against higher-tier vehicles.


Your choice of a Tier 1 car in CarX Drift Racing 2 APK can set the tone for your gaming journey. It’s your partner in the early stages of your drifting journey.

Whether you lean towards Panther M5, Bimmy P30, or Sally, each Tier 1 car has its unique characteristics and attributes. While these vehicles may not match the power of higher-tier counterparts, they provide an excellent platform for beginners to learn the art of drifting.

Choose the Tier 1 car that suits your gameplay style. Practice to refine your techniques, and prepare to climb the ranks in the world of drift racing.

Enjoy the thrill of your drifting adventure and aim to become a Drift King in CarX Drift Racing 2 APK!

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are total 98 cars in CarX Drift Racing 2.

There are total 15 cars in Tier 1 for the players.

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