Beginner Mistakes In CarX Drift Racing 2 & How To Avoid Them

Beginner Mistakes in CarX Drift Racing 2

Welcome to an essential guide to overcome Beginner Mistakes in CarX Drift Racing 2.

If you’re new to the game, you might find yourself making common mistakes that hinder your progress. Fear not, as I’ve been through it all and am here to guide you on your journey.

Let’s dive into the key aspects to avoid when starting in this game.

Key Takeaways

Before we delve into the beginner mistakes, here are some key takeaways for beginners:

  • Choose manual transmission over automatic.
  • Prioritize acquiring low-tier cars.
  • Select tracks wisely based on your abilities.
  • Embrace multiplayer modes for improvement.
  • Understand the significance of campaign progression.
  • Learn the art of tuning for optimal performance.

Now, let’s explore each of these aspects in detail:

Transmission Selection

Troubles Manual vs. Automatic: CarX Drift Racing 2 offers two transmission options: manual and automatic.

Selecting automatic transmission as it seems user-friendly, is one of the often made beginner mistakes. The reason is the fact that as a beginner you are not familiar with setting up your transmission settings. The default automatic settings can lead to issues especially when you are driving a G3 or lower-tier cars.

The most common issue is failing to downshift the gear when needed. It becomes very hard while drifting around corners since the automatic transmission always wants to shift up even though the higher gear does not have enough power to drift and back.

Therefore, for a smoother experience, it’s recommended to use manual transmission, unless you’re familiar and comfortable tweaking the automatic settings.

Choosing the Right Cars

Silver Struggles: In the early stages, earning silver can be challenging (to enjoy free unlimited money, download latest version of CarX Drift Racing 2 MOD APK). Buying the wrong cars can impede your progress, especially if they aren’t suitable for specific events.

Prioritize acquiring low-tier cars (click to know which are the best tier 1 cars, tier 2 cars, tier 3 cars, tier 4 cars & tier 5 cars) from the available all cars for event participation, as they are more affordable and suitable for beginner tasks.

Selecting fancy cars does not aid drifting. Similarly buying more expensive body kits and complex deliveries will also not increase the car’s performance so a wise selection of cars is your best bid to perform well in the game.

Track Selection Matters

Track-Wise Decision: Each track presents unique challenges. Choosing the right track is crucial, as failing to achieve the required score can be a setback.

Beginner Mistakes in Carx Drift Racing 2

Investing in multiple tracks can offer more chances to earn fans and rewards, but it’s essential to match your skill level with the track’s difficulty.

Personally, I think the Castle Road configuration is the most profitable track configuration to make money efficiently.

Unfortunately, there is no certain way to determine which tracks are the right ones for you unless you buy and experience them yourself. The advantage from this could be earning some rewards for completing more tasks and also buying more tracks means having more fans too!

Multiplayer Benefits

Learn From Others: Engaging in multiplayer modes allows you to gauge your skills against other players.

Beginner Mistakes in Carx Drift Racing 2

For example, if you are on a standard Haichi Roku and your opponent is also on the same car and manages to outperform you consistently, it’s an opportunity to analyze your tuning or practice more. Multiplayer also offers rewarding experiences.

Mastering Campaigns

Progressive Learning: The game’s campaign mode is structured as a learning curve.

It starts with fundamental skills and gradually introduces more advanced techniques.

The pinnacle of the campaign is Gymkhana, which demands mastery of all previously acquired skills. t’s essential not to rush through campaigns; view them as opportunities to refine your abilities.

Be patient and persistent; campaign completion will come with time and practice.

The Art of Tuning

Tuning Matters: Tuning your cars is a critical aspect of CarX Drift Racing 2.

Lower-tier cars with excellent tuning can outperform fully tuned higher-tier cars. Aligning tuning with your playing style is the key.

Everybody’s approach to tuning is unique. Some adopt aggressive tuning right from the start and go all out while others adopt a cautious approach in the beginning. Hence consider your preferences and align tuning around it.

Also, take note that tuning for gyro controls is different from the button controls. The same tuning that is perfect for button control might miserably fail for gyro controls, Hence you have to learn to tune your car to create the perfect tuning that complements your playing style.


These are the few common Beginner Mistakes In CarX Drift Racing 2 that are to be taken care of. One should keep in mind that CarX Drift Racing 2 is about having fun. While it’s essential to avoid these mentioned mistakes for a smoother experience, feel free to play the game in your style.

Enjoy the journey and, most importantly, have a blast!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, you can change the automatic and manual transmission settings whenever you choose.

No, body kits and aerodynamics in the game mostly serve aesthetic purposes and have little to no impact on how well a player drifts.

To acquire silver and advance in the game, put your effort towards finishing events using low-tier vehicles.

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