CarX Rally MOD APK v25100(Unlimited Money/Mod Menu)

CarX Rally Mod APK

V 25100


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CarX Rally


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644.28 MB




February 22, 2024


Unlimited Money

Experience ultimate rally thrills with CarX Rally Mod APK. Unlock all vehicles, enjoy unlimited money, explore the mod menu, and race ad-free. Drive to victory now. If you are a racing game lover CarX Rally APK is for you. Take your favorite car off-road, pass checkpoints, and finish your race with bravery. You can enjoy realistic car physics and can drift or full grip your vehicle. Choose the best car from the huge variety available in the game, and customize it according to your choice.

CarX Technologies, LLC, the developer of this game, has designed it in such a unique way that we cannot leave our screens for hours. We can join more than 35 tournaments, enjoy an exciting adventure filled with adrenaline, and become a rally legend with CarX Rally APK.

Gameplay of CarX Rally Hack APK

The gameplay of CarX Rally Hack APK is all about exciting rally racing. Players can get noticed and get higher ranks in the game by joining global tournaments. One can achieve success easily with good racing skills and using better customization options for your car. You have to drive your vehicle on challenging dirt tracks with many tricks and turns.

Enhance your driving skills, learn more precision and focus, and avoid the risks of accidents. You need to master controlling your vehicles and get the best results. In the standard version, as we achieve new targets, we get many new features unlocked. But in Mod APK we get all the mod features unlocked, right from the very start which makes it easier to achieve the best.

In CarX Rally time matters. Races end when time runs out and faster racing gets higher rankings. Just overcome the natural obstacles like narrow mountain roads or tricky turns.

Steps you need to follow:

  • Car Selection: Pick from many cool racing cars, and you can make them look just how you want.
  • Vehicle Evaluation: Take each car for a test drive to see how it performs and check out its engine.
  • Distinct Designs: Each car has its unique look, giving you lots of choices for racing.
  • Engine Investigation: Learn about how the engine works inside each car.
  • Component Upgrades: Make your car better by upgrading parts and adding cool LED lights to the wheels.
  • Paint Options: Customize your car with different paint colors that you can change whenever you like.
  • Race Preparation: Practice driving your car before you enter new races.
  • Knockout Rounds: Compete in races where you need to get the best score to move on to the next round.
  • Skillful Driving: Use your driving skills to navigate tricky roads and overtake other racers.
  • Intense Competition: As races go on, they get tougher, so you’ll need to be good to keep up.

Features of CarX Rally Street Mod APK

Unlimited Money

In CarX Rally Mod APK, we get a lot of in-game cash with which we can easily improve and customize our cars and take our car rally experience to the next level without worrying about budget constraints. We get this amazing mod feature, unlimited money in the CarX Rally Hack APK with which we can enjoy unlimited buying powers and can utilize it to buy new designs and tools for different cars.

All Vehicles Unlocked

We get another exciting Mod feature in the game CarX Rally Hack APK, which is all vehicles unlocked. With this super cool feature, we can unlock and use any vehicle we like from the very start of the game. You don’t need to be worried about completing certain levels or achieving different challenges. Every vehicle in the game is ready for you.
We can enjoy the diversity and choose any car, according to our style and choice. You can customize these cars by utilizing unlimited money and giving them any look. Isn’t it amazing!

All Premium Features Unlocked

In the latest version, we get all premium features unlocked from the very start of the game. For example, we can choose any car we like, customize it as we want, and play on any track available in the game without worrying about achieving higher levels.

OBB-Opaque Binary Blob

In CarX Rally Hack APK, Pro version there’s a special feature called “OBB.” It means you get special stuff in the game like better graphics, amazing visuals, and sounds. It’s like a backstage helper which makes our rally experience more fun.

No Ads/Remove Ads

In CarX Rally Hack APK, the “No Ads” or “Remove Ads” feature means you will not be interrupted by annoying ads and can have nonstop fun throughout this game. Enjoy every moment without disturbance with this no ads or remove ads mod feature in the CarX game.

Mod Menu

CarX Rally comes with a Mod Menu. It’s like a special control available in the mod version of the game. This lets us customize different things easily and make our gaming experience more unique and fun.

Multiplayer Game

We can challenge our online friends and other real players from around the world in CarX Rally APK as it introduces an exciting multiplayer game feature. You can test your skills against various online opponents and showcase your racing expertise to the world.

Sound & Graphics

The game CarX Rally Hack APK offers impressive Sounds and Graphics. We enjoy realistic racing sounds and visuals throughout the game which gives us a realistic vibe as we are really racing in some car rally.

Vehicle Customization

We can select any vehicle we like and can customize it according to our taste. We can select the model, and the engine capacity of the car and can also test drive it. After our car selection, we can give it any color and design we like to make it more unique.

35 Tournaments

In the modded version, CarX Rally APK, we can play around 35 tournaments and compete in various championships to showcase our skills to the world. We have a choice of selecting an extensive range of tournaments in the game.

Vehicle Tunning

We can tune and customize our vehicle, according to our will. This is a very amazing feature in this game.

Car Drifting or Full Grip

We can also choose our driving style like whatever we like. For example, we can choose the drifting style or full grip style. It’s up to us, how we want to drive our car.

How  We Can Install CarX Rally?

You need 1.3 GB to 1.63 GB of space to install this game. If you find trouble installing, open the installer file and check for the tool WinRAR, see the assets folder, and follow the instructions given in the readme.txt file for manual installation.

You will see two versions of the app in the installer. The standard and the mod version. After downloading we can select which version we want. Also, we can switch between both versions like going from the modded to standard or original version. You just need to run the installer 

Review About CarX Rally Mod APK

I enjoyed playing CarX Rally, the modded version as it has a better UI than the other online games. Also, its gear shifting is so much easier in it. Mapping and car designs are top-level. I always remain excited to see new cars get introduced too.

It’s awesome because of all the Mod features available in the game like unlimited money, and all cars unlocked. Also, the no ads feature allows uninterrupted gameplay as no ads pop up during the game. Plus, I get access to all the premium features from the very start with all premium features unlocked. CarX Rally Mod APK, the latest version has changed my gaming fun – perfect for any racing fan.


No, this latest version is safe and secure to download and play. We test all games before putting them on our website. So you can download them without any fear.

Yes, you need to uninstall the mod version from your device and download the standard version from Google Play Store.

Yes, we can join and play more than 35 tournaments in this game and show our racing skills to the world.

You can get the safe version When we release a new version of the MOD on our website, download the new APK without uninstalling the older version, and install the latest one, your new version will start working and your progress will also be saved.  CarX from our secure link.


No doubt CarX Rally Mod APK has made my gaming super fun. Easy-to-use mod features like  Mod Menu make everything enjoyable. No annoying ads interrupt you during your game. Also, the sound and graphics are fantastic, and with all vehicles unlocked we get the best gaming experience. CarX Rally is a total game-changer for racing game fans.

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