CarX Drift Racing 3 Mod APK V1.16.2.1( OBB, All Cars Unlocked)

Carx Drift Racing 3



560 MB



Carx Drift Racing 3


CarX Technologies, LLC




560 MB



March 6, 2024


Cars Unlocked

Experience the racing thrill with the CarX Drift Racing 3 Mod APK. Master in drift with unlimited money, all cars unlocked, customizing cars & OBB. If you are a racing fanatic and love drifting vehicles, then with mirroring real-life racing tracks and unique customization alternatives, this game is perfect for you.

CarX Technologies has developed it with next-generation features by combining action and racing. With its high-quality graphics and detailed customization options, this game is making waves among young gamers who are always seeking something new in the gaming world.

Download it from our secure link and enjoy the fantastical world of speed and drift.


The gameplay of CarX Drift Racing 3 APK is all about drifting your car. To make sure that your vehicle does as desired during sliding, you need to learn how to tune its parts. You can practice these slides in the training mode by adjusting components like gears and engines. 

Remember to tailor the settings according to your driving style. The developers have covered the tuning aspect in detail, so if you configure the settings correctly, you can easily win races and achieve high scores.

Additionally, in multiplayer mode, learn tricks from top players and develop other skills to drift smoothly. 

Upon reaching the finish line first, use your rewards to upgrade your vehicle further. It’s worth mentioning that mastering vehicle drifting will take some time, so there’s no need to rush; take your time and practice.

Features Of CarX Drift Racing 3 Mod APK 

Unlimited Money

In the regular version, Android gamers have to make in-app purchases to move forward in the game. Thanks to the unlimited money mod feature, we can now buy any car components and customize our vehicle the way we want without waiting to earn any reward.

All Premium Unlocked

In the CarX Drift Racing 3 hack APK, all premium features are unlocked. It means from unlimited coins and cars to exclusive customization options, the hacked version comes with all the features and we can enjoy an unrestricted drifting experience.

All Cars Unlocked

One of the attractive features for fanatic gamers is a variety of cars in the CarX Drift Racing 3 Mod APK. In this hacked version, all cars unlocked allow you to unlock any premium car at any stage. You can participate in the race with your favorite model car.

No Ads

Certainly in the hacked version of this drift racing game, all ads and irritating promos are blocked. This ensures that nothing will interrupt you during your exhilarating gaming moments while drifting your car.

A Large Car Collection

In the most recent update of CarX Drift Racing 3 Hack APK in 2024, players get a wide selection of approximately 50 different car models. These cars bear a striking resemblance to globally famous car models and are designed to recreate the authentic experience of driving a real car.

3D Car Components

In the CarX Racing 3 APK pro version, the number of car components in the 3D model has increased to 80 compared to the previous version, Racing 2. These components include gearboxes, engines, and other parts. 
Additionally, you can freely swap these components from one model to another.4. Interior of cars will be much more detailed, and it will be possible to remove it completely.

Maps & Racing Tracks

The modified version of the CarX Drift Racing 3 Mod APK has a large number of maps and car tracks where we can compete with our rivals. For more diverse racing, we can even change the racing track of the maps.

Extensive Customization

One of the unique features of this game is the customization options that we can’t find in any other racing game. From changing wheels, mirrors, and lights to the color, we have so many options to easily customize our vehicle.

Enhanced Visuals

The detailed customization is a unique element of CarX Drift Racing. This has enhanced the visual experience of the game. For example, rims look more accurate to their actual size and you can create a personalized look for your vehicles. You have more control over the appearance of your vehicles.

Multiplayer Mode

The drift game has both single-player and multiplayer modes. In single-player, you race against AI while in multiplayer you hook up with other players around the world.

Charming Graphics

In the modded APK, special attention has been given to features and graphics to give it a realistic touch. With the User-friendly interface, lighting, climate, or the shimmering car exterior, you will feel a visible constancy.

My Reviews About CarX Drift Racing 3 Mod APK 

I recently played CarX Drift Racing 3 Mod APK  for Android and had an authentic car racing experience. The graphics are outstanding, with curvy roads, roaring engines, and detailed 3D car components, all of which made me feel like I was driving a real car. 

The user interface is very user-friendly, but for beginners, it can be challenging to learn the art of drifting. However, if you’re a passionate racer, you can practice in the training mode. Additionally, I found that the maps were limited, but I changed the tracks of some maps, which resulted in a wonderful experience.


You can improve your skills by practicing in training mode and using other settings.

Yes, this game is Yes, Carx Drift Racing 3 APK is an online game. You can only play it with a good internet connection. with IOS devices.

Yes. The “auto market” in CarX Drift Racing 3 lets you get new cars automatically without having to pick and buy them one by one. It’s a handy feature in the game.

Yes, you can customize your car much better. With unlimited money and premium features unlocked right from the start of the game, we can customize our vehicles in a much better way.

This racing game is available for Android, iOS, and PC. This means that we can play this game on all three platforms.


CarX Drift Racing 3 Mod APK is a third-generation racing game with unlimited money, where racers can drift like a pro. You get many car models and ways to customize them to stand out in the race. 

So, if you have a dream to slide around corners with a powerful engine car with realistic graphics and customization alternatives, free download CarX Drift for a racing experience that is second to none.

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