CarX Drift Racing 2 vs. Drift Legends: Real Car Racing The Drift Beast Challenge 

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CarX Drift Racing 2 vs. Drift Legends – Introduction

While skimming through the mobile car racing genre games, one get utterly overwhelmed with the huge quantity of thrilling and amazing available games.

Even narrowing down the criteria to drift racing style shows dozens of games, making it really an uphill task to identify Best Car Racing Game For Android .

While all the games offer great features, playing modes, techniques, realistic simulations, graphics, sound etc., selecting the Real Drift Beast is like finding a needle from the hay stack!

In this article, we will closely evaluate and compare the two popular and highly rated drift giants: Carx Drift Racing 2 vs. Drift Legends: Real Car Racing and based on their strengths and weaknesses try to determine which one is the Real Drift Beast and why.

Let’s start exploring together….!

Carx Drift Racing 2 vs. Drift LegendsGameplay

CarX Drift Racing 2 gameplay offers a well knitted and planned overall atmosphere with focus on creating a real life feeling.


Ingredients like challenging tracks, wide range of vehicles, crazy cosmetic and heavy parts customization options, variety of maps etc., all let gamers feel as they are at the center stage of a mega racing circuit.

The game is like a smooth ride that’s easy to learn and play (click to know what are the Beginner Mistakes in CarX Drift Racing 2 and how to avoid them). Special emphasis on the core i.e. drifting skill makes it stands out from the Drift Legends.

On the other hand, Drift Legends: Real Car Racing gameplay is fun too offering many good features and options, establishing realistic connection between the game and the player but seems lacking in sophistication and diversity.


It is much simpler game compared to CarX Drift Racing 2. Players have to score points by drifting and use them to buy new cars or upgrades. Sounds quite monotonous, Right?

Therefore, unlike CarX Drift Racing 2, Drift Legends lacks the magnanimity and wholesomeness as felt by the players.

Carx Drift Racing 2 vs. Drift LegendsControls

When we look at the Controls, we find CarX Drift Racing 2 taking the lead with its user-friendly controlling mechanism.

The game offers smooth and easy-to-handle controls, making even difficult drifting and maneuvering in narrow spaces easy to execute.

In comparison, controls in Drift Legends: Real Car Racing are although pretty decent but they lack the same controls finesse and preciseness as found in CarX Drift Racing 2.

Carx Drift Racing 2 vs. Drift Legends – Graphics & Sounds

In CarX Drift Racing 2, the developers implemented intentional and special emphasis on creating a superlative graphical experience for gamers.

Use of the most advanced technology coupled with focus on the minutest details resulted in creating splendidly vivid visuals, spectacular realistic race tracks and an overall environment where the gamer deem to forget that this is just a game.

Cars speeding around, bumpers touching other cars, exhaust smoke coming out flying, cars hitting each other etc. all these actions are realistically presented in the game.


Nonetheless, the awesome action matching thrilling soundtrack increases the adrenaline levels of the players listening to the most real sounds of cars engines revving up, brakes screeching, etc., leaving everyone in an awe.

In contrast, Drift Legends: Real Car Racing graphics are also not far behind in most of the areas however the diversity and real life feeling (specially in maps) is missing.

With real life turbo-charger, tires and gearbox sounds creates a real racing arena atmosphere for gamers.

Unfortunately, the bite and wow factor that is present in CarX Drift Racing 2 is missing in Drift Legends: Real Car Racing.

Carx Drift Racing 2 vs. Drift Legends – Diversified Cars Variety

Another amazing factor that distinguishes the CarX Drift Racing 2 from the crowd is the availability of wide range of cars to choose.


CarX Drift Racing 2 cars range boast an impressive line-up for gamers (96 cars), including Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Sorrow etc. All the vehicles are categorized tier-wise (tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4 & tier 5) as per their unique characteristics, performance and engine stats, making the game exciting.

Comparatively, Drift Legends: Real Car Racing also have decent quantity of good powerful exotic (GRX V8 LM, Sakura RSX) highly detailed 40+ cars too but it lacks the variety available in CarX Drift Racing 2 and therefore feel less special.


Carx Drift Racing 2 vs. Drift Legends – Challenging Game Modes

When discussing the challenging modes, both games offer thrill and excitement. CarX Drift Racing 2 has many game modes and challenges, but its “Online Rooms Mode” makes it more unique.

In this mode, you can play with friends, create a room, and invite anyone to test your skills.

While in comparison, Drift Legends: Real Car Racing has some good modes, such as career mode (where you drive the car and accomplish the goals), special events, and Multiplayer mayhem (compete with other players and try to gain maximum points to win).


However, it lacks uniqueness and “something new factor” which gamers often look for and which is evident in CarX.Drift Racing 2.

Carx Drift Racing 2 vs. Drift Legends – Rewards And Winning Stuff

One of the most exciting aspects of CarX Drift Racing 2 is that you can earn rewards and level up.

Upon completing the levels and performing stunts, you can earn points and cool rewards to unlock new tracks, cars, specialized tune-ups and customization.


On the other hand, in Drift Legends: Real Car Racing also players can earn points by participating in different racing challenges and performing good drifts. The rewards can then be utilized for unlocking new cars and tracks.

Specially, the Career mode allows you to get more ​car drift​ experience, complete achievements and unlock  powerful secret cars. 

But these are the features which are being offered by every other game and so felt quite routine stuff creating a feeling of missing or interest loss for gamers and therefore the game needs improvement in this area.

Carx Drift Racing 2 vs. Drift Legends – Multiplayer

CarX Drift Racing 2 and Drift Legends: Real Car Racing both are multiplayer 3D car simulation games and both offer different exciting Multiplayer modes which are pretty competitive and a bit similar too.

CarX Drift Racing 2 keeps its gamers busy with online multiplayer mode where gamers can add friends to play together in real-time.

Be it a friendly competition with a friend or a competition with a pro drift driver, a variety of online championships in this mode are available to show off the drifting skills and class.

Such multiplayer modes with online leaderboards also lets gamers connect with friends on social media.

Drift Legends: Real Car Racing multiplayer mode lets you play with and against other players from around the world by participating in real-time drifting contests.

The game offers Ghost Multiplayer mode also which lets playing online cross-platform leaderboard.

 Carx Drift Racing 2 vs. Drift Legends – Conclusion – The Winner Is….

To conclude, while comparing the major aspects of both the games, CarX Drift Racing 2 comes out on top.

With its user centric approach and game design revolving around creating a fantastic un-matching user experience CarX Drift Racing 2 is undoubtedly the Real Drift Beast in mobile gaming.

Smooth and friendly controls, technologically advanced real like graphical presentation of the racing tracks and circuit, vast collection of heavily customizable cars and multiple challenging modes etc., all create a feeling of awesome and thrill while playing the game.

If you want to enjoy the blood rushing, exciting and realistic drift racing game with all premium premium features for free, click here to Download CarX Drift Racing 2 MOD APK which is the ultimate number one pick being rightly crowned as the Real Drift Beast of mobile drift racing!

The current latest version of CarX Drift Racing 2 is v1.30.1. This version was released on 29 December, 2023.

The current latest version of Drift Legends: Real Car Racing is v1.9.21. This version was released on 28 July, 2023.

Yes, CarX Drift Racing 2 all previous version APK are readily available for free download from this website.

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