Best racing Games For Android

Best Car Racing Game For Android

Car Racing games are always the first choice of young gamers who want to experience ferocious speed, fancy and latest high-performing supercars, stunning drifts, execute thrilling stunts, and have nonstop action.

With such a huge variety of quality car racing games available today, it keeps one wondering which is the Best Car Racing Game For Android.

In this article, we are going to take a close look at a few of the top-rated car racing games from various aspects such as graphics, physics, gameplay, different game modes, soundtrack, cars collection, controls, overall gaming experience, etc to assist you in reaching an informed decision about the Best Car Racing Game For Android.

CarX Drift Racing 2

Best Car Racing Game For Android CarX Drift Racing 2

Drifting is the most entertaining racing mode and this extraordinary sequel of the famous CarX Drift Racing game didn’t fail to meet the expectations of millions of existing fans. With an ultimate focus on this driving technique, CarX Drift Racing 2 standouts from the competition to qualify as the Best Car Racing Game For Android badge.

With its unique and life-like experience of driving the latest sports cars on a variety of challenging race tracks throughout the game undoubtedly fulfills the racing and drifting appetite of players. The realistic physics, unrivaled graphics, and fabulous soundtrack create an atmosphere that keeps gamers glued to this game. Click here to Free Download CarX Drift Racing 2 on PC & iOS Devices.

Graphics: The developers CarX Technologies, LLC have done an outstanding job creating marvelous graphics with a focus on the essence of drift racing. Smoke effects, tire marks, and dynamic camera angles provide a captivating representation of intense drift sequences and a true-to-life racing experience. You can also watch other players drift using the drone camera. All the graphics are fully optimized for mobile devices and big screens too.

Physics: CarX Drift Racing 2 is famous for its simulating realistic physics which gives gamers a natural feel while racing and drifting. The actual feel of getting behind the wheels of a branded sophisticated car cruising along the known cities, simulating different times of day, insane drifting tracks with various surfaces, challenging weather conditions (rain, snow), etc, provides an overall awesome feel that makes you love this game.

Gameplay: The gameplay offers features that complement the distinct preferences of drift lovers such as a vast fleet of top-of-the-line fully customizable drift cars, attractive car vinyl, performance tuning, Time Attack, Tandem Drifting, Championships, Club races, etc.

Game Modes: Different awesome gaming modes are available in CarX Drift Racing 2 to satisfy the need of all individual preferences. XDS mode offers a perfect opportunity to practice tandem drifting to compete against other racers. You will race twice. First as the leader and later as the follower. Multiplayer mode lets gamers compete in online tournaments against other players in intense drift battles, Club Racing mode enables you to create a personal club or join other clubs and show off your drifting skills, and Time Attack mode is for those who are interested in racing against the clock.

Sound Effects: Impressive realistic sound effects that complement the racing experience are also one of the outstanding features of CarX Drift Racing 2. High-quality background music and natural sounds of car boosters, engines revving up, cars drifting, tires screeching, and cars crashing with barriers and other cars leave players in awe and in sync with the game to the fullest.

Cars Collection: The inclusion of Zephyr and SL80 Sayaka Special in CarX Drift Racing 2 version 1.30.1 release, further increased its fleet of impressive supercars. A wide variety of Japanese, muscle, and fancy sports cars placed tier wise (tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4 & tier5) according to their with unique characteristics are available for all player preferences to drift past the opponents.

Controls: Simple, intuitive, and realistic controls make this game accessible and easy to learn and practice. Steering controls and the mechanism of the gear are precise and easy to use.

Real Racing 3

Best Car Racing Game For Android - Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a strong contender among the Best Car Racing Game For Android and has a lot of excitement to offer. The game is featured globally numerous times and enjoys a tremendous fan following worldwide. Its next-generation graphics, impressive sound effects, different racing events, multiple game modes, a vast collection of iconic cars, a large number of famous real-world racing circuits, car tuning options, etc are the features that make this game THE PREMIER RACING EXPERIENCE. Is it enough to be considered as the Best Car Racing Game For Android? Let’s have a closer look on what this game has to offer.

Gameplay: The hallmark of Real Racing 3 that separates it from other racing games includes features like the inclusion of 40+ circuits with officially licensed tracks at 20 real-world locations, a large car grid and more than 300 fabulous exotic cars from world-famous manufacturers like Porsche, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Aston Martin, and Audi. The Gameplay comprises various Championship events, Night Racing, Social Leaderboards, Time Trials, Real-Time Multiplayer, Formula 1® Grand Prix™ and innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer™ (TSM) technology which lets players race anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Graphics: Extremely high-quality visuals and truly HD racing make players adore Real Racing 3. Options to view the action from multiple camera angles let players look at the track as a driver and fine-tune the HUD and controls to their preference. Powered by the dynamic visuals let players have fully functional rearview mirrors and dynamic reflections keep them fully immersed in the game and provide a real-life-like feeling.

Cars Collection: Players can select from the extensive fleet of over 300 different latest supercars from world-renowned manufacturers and put their racing skills to the test.

Real Tracks: To fuel the excitement and passion of gamers, Real Racing 3 includes various famous and difficult worldwide locations and circuits.

Game Modes: The game offers tremendous single-player and multi-player game modes including Cup races, Eliminations, Cross-platform, Time Trials, night racing, and Online real-time racing. Players can also select to play with an AI-powered bot. There are more than 4000 different events for gamers to race anyone, anytime anywhere.

Controls: User-friendly and highly customizable 3 different control options are available to Players for selection. These include tilt steering, on-screen touch controls, or external gamepad support. An additional driving assist system is also available which can be switched off per user preference.

Asphalt 9 : Legends

Best Car Racing Game For Android - Asphalt 9

Are you looking for a car racing game that will make you feel all the excitement and thrill of racing like a pro in an iconic supercar and performing stunts in real-life locations? Well, Asphalt 9 surely is the right place to be for you but is it really the Best Car Racing Game For Android? This arcade game with real-world cars keeps you glued to your screens for many many hours as it is considered a top game in the realm of car racing games. Is it enough to win the race for Best Car Racing Game For Android? So lets find out about it!

Attention to minute details related to graphics, sound effects, environment, etc. provides an overall awesome user experience. The smoke coming out of the cars, the sounds of engines revving up, and the real dynamic locations of Shanghai, Cairo, the Himalayas, etc. create an overwhelming racing adrenaline rush and a strong fan base with argument to be selected as the Best Car Racing Game For Android. But what the apple to apple comparison with other popular car racing game suggests. Is it the ultimate choice and selection for Best Car Racing Game For Android? Let’s find out.

Graphics: The jaw-dropping stunning graphics and visuals of the game create a feeling of magnanimity and awesomeness. The latest particle effects and reflection technology used by the game developers let the players feel the complete racing sensations and turn every race into an epic battle.

Extensive Car Customization:  The best part of Asphalt 9 is its extensive car customization and upgradation possibilities. Model-specific performance-enhancing blueprints are available at regular intervals for each car enabling players to boost their cars’ handling and speed capabilities. The right combination of speed, handling, acceleration, and nitro can assist in winning the race. Players can also customize their selected cars by using the new car editor to select the available customization options for body paint, rims, wheels, and other parts.

Race Modes: Asphalt 9 offers various race modes to players to meet different individual preferences. These include Classic, Time Attack, Hunted, Slip Stream, and Nitro Pollution.

Classic: In this mode, the target is to reach the finish line first.

Time Attack: In this mode, the target is to cross the finish line within the assigned time. 

Hunted: The goal in this mode is to reach the finish point while avoiding roadblocks, wrecking, and police chase. Also at the end player has to perform a stunt to finish the race.

Slip Stream: In this mode, cars leave a slipstream behind. The car behind can fill up its nitro gauge using the front car’s slipstream.

Game Modes: Various available different race modes make this game super interesting and fun-filled. These exciting different modes include Career, Events, Multiplayer, and Club.

In Career mode, the player’s racing journey comprises more than 60 seasons and 900 events.

Whereas in Events mode many rewarding challenges await the players such as competing in limited-time events or proving racing skills in story-driven scenarios.

The Multiplayer mode lets players compete against up to 7 online players and show off their skills related to racing, drifting, performing stunts, etc.

Another interesting mode in Asphalt 9 is Club mode. This mode allows players to create their own club and play with their friends by racing in different locations and earning rewards as they climb the multiplayer Club leaderboard.

Sound Effects: The realistic sound effects using HDR techniques provide magical sound effects on engines, tires, drifts, etc., and simply provide an out-of-the-world fabulous gaming experience. Soundtracks from renowned artists befitting the action and thrill are also included.

Cars Collection: An astonishing car fleet of more than 150 high-speed ferocious speed machines is available in the game. Each one has been selected based on the various performance parameters and aesthetics. The cars in Asphalt 9 are divided into various classes based on particular requirements of different races and events. Each class comprises several cars having different merits and demerits.

Controls: Depending on the individual preference players can select the driving controls in the game settings. Manual, TouchDrive, and classical Gyro mode is also available. Selecting the best-suited control mechanism requires some initial experimenting and varies from individual to individual depending on the different desired comfort levels. In general, the manual control mode (tilt or tap to steer) provides more precise control whereas the innovative TouchDrive that enables automatic steering and acceleration controls lets players focus more on the tracks and timing.


To conclude, all these mentioned games are fantastic and popular Android car racing games targeting different distinct preferences. With realistic physics, advance iconic cars, simple controls, various game modes, challenging tracks, amazing eye-catching graphics, innovative soundtrack, and complementing music each of the features is aimed at meeting or exceeding the expectations and user experience of millions of fans. No doubt that each one of these games can be the Best Car Racing Game For Android.

If one game focuses more on letting gamers experience the taste of traditional high-speed racing then the other focuses on the art and skill of drifting and the next one on reaching the finishing line first overcoming all obstacles and difficulty levels.

However, when it comes to the drifting style of racing, simply CarX Drift Racing 2 is a clear winner to be recognized as the Best Car Racing Game For Android.

For more exciting and informative comparisons, read CarX Drift Racing 2 vs. Torque Drift.

The game offers all that a drift-loving gamer wants. From the latest branded supercars racing and drifting in difficult terrains and tracks, cool car customization, exceptional tandem drifting gameplay, high resolution eye-catching phenomenal smoke effects, tire screeching natural sounds, and what not making it the ultimate drifting and Best Car Racing Game For Android of modern times.

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